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Softball Winter Training Planned at BSC in January, & February (Click on the link above to Register)


Winter Softball Clinics have been setup again at Branchburg Sports Complex in January & February to teach the girls key softball fundamentals.   Clinics will focus on fielding/throwing/hitting and baserunning.     Below is the list of clinics:



Clinic #       Date           Time                      Clinic                       Grade Level

   1              Jan. 5th     2:30-3:30            Batting Cages                   6-8th  

                   Jan. 5th      3:30-4:30            Fielding/Throwing              6-8th

   2              Jan. 12th   3:30-4:30            Fielding/Hitting                  3-5th 

   3              Jan. 19th    3:30-4:30            Fielding/Throwing              1-2nd 

   4              Jan. 26th   2:30-3:30            Batting Cages                    6-8th 

                   Jan. 26th   3:30-4:30            Field/Throwing                   6-8th

   5              Feb. 2nd    3:30-4:30            Fielding/Throwing               3-5th

   6              Feb. 9th     2:30-3:30            Fielding/Throwing              1-2nd

   7              Feb. 16th    2:30-3:30            Fielding/Throwing               6-8th

   8              Feb. 23rd    2:30-3:30            Fielding/Hitting                  3-5th


Girls in 3rd-8th grade can sign up for two fielding/throwing clinics.    Girls in 1st-2nd can sign up for one 1st-2nd grade clinic.     There is no cost for each clinic, however girls must be registered for the 2019 season to attend the clinics.

Contact Eric Hannum ( with questions.

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