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   Not Provided by the League (parents must provide):

  • Softball glove
  • Cleats (for dirt and turf fields); No metal spikes
  • Sneakers (for any Grade 1-2 games at Challenger Field, where no cleats are allowed)
  • Under-shirt chest protector (required for Grades 3 and up)
  • Fielder's masks (optional, but recommended for all positions for Grades 3 and up)
  • Players should bring their own water to all activities
  • Many players choose to have their own personal bat and helmet *


   League Provides the Following:

  • ​Bats *
  • Helmets *
  • Fielder's masks (Grades 3 and up - pitchers only)
  • Catcher's gear
  • Visor and Uniform


* Note:  This year, to avoid sharing due to COVID-19, we plan to lend a bat/helmet to any players who do not have their own personal bat/helmet.


Softball equipment can be purchased at Darrow's Sporting Edge in Whitehouse.