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Winter Softball Clinics have been setup again at Branchburg Sports Complex in January, February, and March to teach the girls key softball fundamentals.   Clinics will focus on fielding/throwing/hitting and baserunning.     Below is the list of clinics:

Clinic #       Date           Time                      Clinic                       Grade Level

   1              Jan. 14th     11-12pm             Fielding/Throwing              3rd-5th 

   2              Jan. 21st      3-4pm                Batting Cages                   4th-8th 

   3              Jan. 28th     11-12pm             Fielding/Throwing              6th-8th 

   4              Feb. 11th    11-12pm             Fielding/Throwing              3rd-5th

   5              Feb. 18th    11-12pm             Fielding/Throwing              6th-8th

   6              March 4     12-1pm               Fielding/Throwing              1st-2nd

   7              March 10    2-3pm                Batting Cages                    4th-8th

   8              March 18    12-1pm              Fielding/Throwing               6th-8th 

   9              March 25   1-2 pm                Fielding/Throwing              1st-2nd  


Girls in 3rd-8th grade can sign up for two fielding/throwing Clinics.   Girls in 4th-8th grade can sign up for one batting cage clinic.   Girls in 1st-2nd can sign up for one 1st-2nd grade clinic.     There is no cost for each clinic, however girls must be registered for the 2018 season to attend the clinics.


Sign up for each clinic on the BBC website ( by clicking the registrations/online forms tab on the website